Welcome to my learning log for the second part of my BA(hons) Degree.

In order to navigate your way through my log, I have detailed below an explanation with regards to the layout and construction.

Context and Narrative has 5 parts to complete:

  • Part one – The photograph as document.
  • Part two – Narrative.
  • Part three – Putting yourself in the picture.
  • Part four – Reading photographs.
  • Part five – Constructed realities and the fabricated image.

All five parts can be found under the heading Exercises.

Within each part there are a number of exercises to complete, research for those exercises and a final assignment.

Assignments and Tutor Feedback can be viewed under the heading Assignments.

The heading Learning Log drops down to reveal a link to the index page where entries can be found concerning my continued development.

The heading Thoughts / Reflections is where I note down my progression with the course; it is also where I explain my research, where I write about external activities conducted away from the course and also includes how I am feeling about it all.

The heading Notes is divided up into the same five parts as the category, Exercises and run in conjunction with it. They relate to the research, preparation and planning of it.

If you find my log interesting then please follow me on my continued journey by selecting the follow button at the top right of my learning log.

Thank you

Paul Cope

OCA Student 516305.